Chúc mừng sinh nhật bà – SNL


Một người cha điên (Will Ferrell) làm cho những đứa con của mình hát chúc mừng sinh nhật cho bà của chúng. [Season 24, 1999] #SNL Đăng ký SNL: https: // …


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  1. I love these skits, but why are the commercials on SNLs YouTube like 10x's longer & more often than any other channel?? I wanted to watch a bunchbof these but I cannot sit through all of these non skippable ads.

  2. just think, in a few years alex baldwin’s trump will be vintage SNL. 😂

    in the future trumptards will resurface shouting maga in comments sections. and you will be reminded when the usa was the laughing stock of the world.

    something to look forward to i suppose 🤔

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