Mùa hè của tôi không cạo râu: những gì nó giống như là lông | Ingrid Nilsen


Năm ngoái tôi đã ngừng cạo lông trên cơ thể và nhiều bạn có rất nhiều điều để nói về nó. Trong video hôm nay tôi đang phản hồi ý kiến ​​của bạn, cập nhật cho bạn …


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  1. I’m half Filipino half white and I’m definitely a lot hairier, have more ingrown hair, darker hair, etc. Ever since I was in elementary school during gym class, I was embarrassed with my leg hair. It’s exhausting keeping up with removing upper lip hair, chin hair, facial hair, toe, stomach, ok yes I’m very hairy lol I’m getting too detailed…lol but anyways love you Ingrid! I’ve been around since you had LONG hair, when you were afraid to cut it. When you had your funnel cake updo and cupcake nails. When I started watching your videos I was 19, now I’m 27!

  2. Women are obsessed with feminism and anything that has to do with it, and that’s just sad. Men, on average, have higher IQs than women and are more hardworking and perseverant. Ever wondered why most millionaires and billionaires are men? Come on…it’s time to face the truth.

  3. Thank you for these videos Ingrid. I have had to learn to not care what others think of my body hair. I'm a hispanic women with thick dark hair and struggle with excessive body hair (because its so dark and just genetics). I've learned to not hate it and now I shave when I feel like it, not everyday like I used to. It's taken a long time for me to become accepting of my body hair but I'm done fighting it and realize it's just part of who I am. And body hair is not "unhygenic" like all these people who put down body hair seem to think.

  4. I really appreciated this so much. I'm trying so hard to get comfortable with my situation, and I feel like such a failure of a lesbian feminist for struggling. I have anorexia and it is currently active but I am attempting recovery. Right now, I'm very underweight, and one odd side effect of this is it makes shaving under my arms almost impossible. For most people the "pit" part of "armpit" is not literal, but mine really are "pits" – they're very sunken, even when I lift my arm and bend it back and such. And it's incredibly difficult to get at the hair that's down in that pit area. I can shave some of it, but there's that little clump in the center that I can't get too because razors are too wide. And the only narrow ones I've found are trimmers, not shavers. I tried using stuff like Nair and it…..doesn't really work. The thing is, personally I don;t give a shit, and with so many other things about appearance I couldn't care less what random strangers or even my coworkers think. But armpit hair on women is so stigmatized, and I'm just not brave enough to let people see it and not care. So even though it's been hot as blazes, I can't let myself wear anything sleeveless or even cap-sleeved, because I think "Oh God, they're going to see it and be grossed out." I wish I didn't care, and videos like this are helpful in that regard…though I don't think I'm there yet.

  5. You uploaded a video discussing the status of your pubic hair. How do you not have millions more subscribers? Thank you for speaking for all women-straight, gay, bi, and undecided. Thanks for speaking your truth. <3

  6. I remember being in middle school and a neighbor boy decided to shame me for having peach fuzz-like hair on my upper lip. I was so embarrassed but had been told that shaving would make hair grow back faster/thicker, seriously don’t know the science behind that. I decided to use my mother’s Nair on my upper lip. Needless to say I was way too young and had sensitive skin, I walked around with a burned red lip for a few weeks. I’m now 27 years old and definitely choose to remove my upper lip and chin hairs because it makes me feel good. I do wonder if that experience subconsciously changed me a little, ya know? Actually, I’m sure it did. While I’ve actively grown my armpit, leg, and pubic hair since sophomore year of college, I’m still so concerned with my facial hair. It’s interesting to think how’d that would have changed had these kinds of conversations been happening in the early 00s!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us! ❤️

  7. I grew my leg hair out a while ago and was enjoying it a lot but it got to a certain length and became painful when my legs would rub together or on my clothes. Does anyone know why this is? I shaved them because of it but would love to grow them out again. It feels so liberating taking control of your own body.

  8. Hair on ANY part of our bodies is really not a big deal. I mean, come on. It doesnt affect ANYTHING at all! Whats all the noise is about? (Not talking about Ingrids message and experiences alike, of course) Just let people do with their bodies what they want. It literally doesnt affect anyone. And i cant really understand why some of the people keep treating the hair like its something weird and stuff. You know we all have been born with hair in the same body parts, more or less, no matter the race. So i just cant understand why theres so much noise about shaving or not shaving hair. 🙁

    Ingrid i hope by telling your story to us you feel much comfortable now. we re definately on the right way here. thank you.

  9. Yearsss ago you made a video mentioning a deodorant that helped lighten the skin under your arms. I am Latina and have dark skin under my arms and you even mentioning that you had it made me feel less alone. Thank you for speaking up and out about body hair and race.

  10. This is an awesome video and update on your hair journey! I shave occasionally like every 3 -4 months for my legs and my arm pits. I’ll shave usually due to some formal occasion and I don’t see it as bad for wanting to shave on those occasions. I don’t feel pressured to shave or feel obligated. However I do still feel pressure with my upper lip and chin hairs. Ive never touched my eye brows, except when I was a kid and my mom asked if I wanted them waxed because they were so thick. Which now looking back, I only needed time to grow into them and also I am grateful it was only a few times and I resisted after that due to the fact it fudging hurt to get waxed and it irritated my skin. I’ve got boob hair and belly button hair and it’s darker but still not coarse so I tend to leave it alone. Pubic hair – I just leave it alone too. I think everyone’s journey with hair is different but I also think it’s easier for me to grow my hair having seen some of my friends do it as well. I’ve got a supportive partner and have never had anyone make a comment except when I mention it and the response has always been positive. For the most part I feel pretty good in all clothes lengths no matter how hairy I am. 😊💕

  11. I shave because I find it to be more comfortable. That’s it. It’s not that deep. And the fact that people get this up and arms about someone else’s hair… like ?? Mind your business. Not your body not your problem

  12. Ingrid, I’ve been following you since the glamorazzi days and I have to say my respect and admiration for you grows every post, I’m proud that you’re using your platform for good and to encourage all women (especially young, impressionable women) to love themselves in whatever way they feel is best. I personally think it should be up to the person whether they want to keep or remove their hair, and why should women be penalised for it when men can do whatever they please? Anyway thanks again for a great video. Loving the direction of your channel!! Best wishes from London

  13. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which increases my testosterone so my body hair is A LOT more thick, dark, and coarse than the average person's. My legs are really hairy especially around my bikini area. I wore pants and long dresses ALL SUMMER because I dreaded dealing with it. I hope one day I can get to a point where I just don't give a shit. Baby steps, I guess.

  14. Super ironic, my ad before this video was for a razor ????? Like???? Also I shaved most recently for my wedding, but before that I hadn't shaved my pits in four years. Hopping back onto the no shave train and I love it!

  15. ahhhh thank you for talking about this and being so open and honest with things that these videos don’t often address like pubic/nipple hair, privilege, and the different pressures that women of different races feel in regards to meeting society’s ideals. I’m still not entirely comfortable having underarm/leg hair out but I’m slowly getting to the point where I shave only if I feel like I want to and otherwise I just leave it. I will say that my hair doesn’t grow fast and it’s quite fine so I don’t have the same issues that women with darker, thicker hair might since I don’t think it’s super visible, but even getting to the point where it doesn’t feel gross to have underarm hair is super nice. It’s also very interesting because as I’ve grown up I’ve never thought of pubic hair as gross or bad (even though American culture is very against it) so that was never a concern to me but I always perceived leg hair and underarm hair as quite gross. When looking at it you start to realize how little sense it makes

  16. Thank you so much for this video and your honesty. I also have body hair in all those same areas and would feel so embarrassed and unhappy with myself. Listening to you has made me feel so much better and normal and ok! Thank you for being amazing 💕

  17. So proud of you, Ingrid!! Many social media influencers and youtubers want to portray this picture perfect idealized version of themselves… but I am so glad you are genuine and you speak the truth!! If you feel comfortable shaving, then shave. If you don't want to shave, then don't. Simple as that. No side is better than the other just different. Hopefully others can learn from this video!!!

  18. I really respect you for doing this. Personally I couldn’t go without shaving my underarms but that’s just my personal preference. Everyone should just be allowed to do whatever makes them feel good without fear of judgement. 🙂

  19. You are wonderful, Ingrid! So cool to see you tackling the stigma around body hair. I feel similarly to you although I am white and blonde with very fine hair so know my voice isn’t really needed in the body hair conversation.

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