FALL FAVORITES 2019 – trang điểm, sách, chăm sóc da tôi yêu thương | Ingrid Nilsen


Tôi không thể tin rằng đó đã là Thứ Sáu đầu tiên của Tháng Chín nhưng điều đó có nghĩa là Thứ Sáu Yêu thích. Dưới đây là các sản phẩm cho tóc, chăm sóc da, trang điểm, …


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  1. Ugh yes!! I’m so here for this. You were one of the first YouTubers I watched all the way back 2010 and this was one my favorite videos to watch from you. I feel like no one does it anymore or does it like you do with books skincare etc. super pumped for this!! ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for the thoughtful recommendations! 💜I love Fresh products but when I went cruelty free I had to stop using them. I wish they didn’t test on animals because I’d love to add their products back into my routine. 🐰

  3. I love celebrating the small victories!!! There is a book called “Small Victories” by Jeff Mercer that he wrote after his 17 year old son died of cancer. He preaches celebrating the small victories in their life as their son battled his terminal illness. Highly recommend📚🧡

  4. Hi my love, Ingrid! I have been following you since forever and you are the third most important person in my life after my mother and my husband, so this really comes from the heart. This is one video in a while that I have felt you were not yourself in. It didn't feel as genuine as your other videos in the past especially your favorites videos. As someone who considers you so important in her life, I just wanted to give you this feedback. I love you and I'm so proud of you. I live in India so I didn't have access to Sugar in the City but I have asked a friend from Canada to get it for me. Can't wait for it!!! 😍😍😍

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