Thực phẩm Séc – Ăn gì ở Prague


Hướng đến Prague và không chắc nên ăn gì trong khi bạn ở đó? Dưới đây là một số món ăn & đồ uống truyền thống của Séc mà khách du lịch sẽ thưởng thức khi họ …


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  1. PIG KNEE !, w/ freshly grated horseradish 👅! Also HIGHLY suggest a one day trip to Pilsen ,! Tour Pilsner Urquell . Trying the unfiltered beer directly from MASSIVE oak barrels in the cellar alone IS WORTH THE PLANE TICKET TO Czech Republic ,, and is the only town you can get it👍😎🙀

  2. Cerny Pivo!! A must try, smaller towns like Brno or even villages are much cheaper than Prague, but Prague is beautiful. The fried cheese is good, but heavy, dumplings are amazing, as is the beef and pork. Desert, the crepes with ice cream are amazing. I loved the coffee with Viennese cream, kava videnska??

  3. Pork knee was unbelievable. There is a pub by right by the opera
    House on the east side of the most legii bridge that I ate that at. Wiener snitzal was good to. Progue is simply amazing and 1 of my favorite cities of all time.

  4. You should make more videos in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. It wasn't until my fourth visit to the country that I actually made it all the way to Prague (I usually fly into Munich and drive into Czechia). The countryside is so incredibly gorgeous and filled with interesting sites that you could spend a lifetime exploring. I'm surprised you haven't made a video in Cesky Krumlov!

  5. Big fan of your channel and wanted to know if you’ll be updating your merch section of your website soon? I liked those two T-shirt designs but was wondering if you were gonna have more available, I always see you in some cool shirts in your vids and wanted to support your channel!

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