Kris Jenner, Bạn là thí sinh tiếp theo về giá là đúng!


James mời Kris Jenner tham gia trò chơi kinh điển 'Giá là đúng' Hi Lo. Sau khi đi xuống, Kris cố gắng đoán …


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  1. Seriously they should be playing for a donation to their favorite charity. Wealthy celebs playing for goods or for money is just unsettling for me. I love James and Kris but we’re dealing with humanitarian issues domestic and international. I mostly err on the side of any opportunity to use their platform for awareness and philanthropy is better than just content. It’s not about them it’s more the influence they have over fans.. Gimme dat content with substance y’all!!

  2. 0:15 billion dollar "business's" ? there is only 1 buisness that is almost worth 1 billion. the other daughters buisness's are not even close smh. of course kris jenner is only on the show to pretend that she's so rich & to fool people lmao. somebody that is actually rich doesnt have to come to a talk show and play a game to prove it lmao. 🤦‍♀️

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