Bolton đã mất sự ủng hộ của Trump sau khi chọc giận Kim Jong Un


Tổng thống tiết lộ rằng ông đã sa thải Cố vấn An ninh Quốc gia John Bolton không phải vì tình hình Taliban gần đây, mà vì Bolton …


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  1. C'mon, Trump, how can you hire people and when they don't work out, you claim you never liked them? Why did you hire them in the first place then, dipsh*t? Was it just in the vain hope that their eventual failure would make you look like the big boss man? Reliving your stupid reality show much?

  2. Tomorrow's Fox News headline: 'OBAMA's best friend Bolton fired by Trump for starting the Iraq War that lead to the Great Depression!'
    Meanwhile Mitch McConnell will kill three more bipartisan bills that nobody will report on.

  3. Meanwhile, On 9/11, This Canadian Town Welcomed In Stranded Passengers to Gander, and Joh Stewart did fight for the firefighters and first responders as well to get their money and retirement plans.

    Oh, he probably goes through all the names of his wives. yes older men do that Stephen, call his 1st wife, to his 2nd wife, wife number 3, yes, they use to laugh became a joke after the third wife, Melania could wear a name tag for him, ya know at first he was a joke, funny ha ha, so he'd call her Malea, Ivana, oh hey, would you wear your Melissa name tag the press ya know? Stephen, My dad did the same thing before they found out that he had Bowel Cancer and I'm pretty sure those were signs of dementia before he came down from Bowel Cancer, his excuse was he was also 83. He drank all of his life, he did smoke but quit in 59.

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