Dunkin & # 39; Sảnh: Bán kết 2 – America's Talent 2019


Đi đằng sau hậu trường với Terry và các hành vi trong Dunkin 'Lounge. »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng Mỹ của Mỹ: http://bit.ly/AGTAppD Download» Đăng ký …


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  1. Okay so I don’t have tv to watch but the group of singers of kids, I saw them on Trisha Paytas vlog video where she reacts to the Titanic. They literally were saying to vote for them on America’s Got Talent. I see how they want their name to be heard so they won’t be eliminated but really, to have a YouTuber (who clearly never heard of them) say to her fans to vote for them…. Wow

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