Phỏng vấn: Luke Hồi giáo nhớ lại khoảnh khắc Buzzer vàng mang tính biểu tượng của mình! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Luke trò chuyện về các mục tiêu của mình sau AGT, bao gồm làm việc với Julianne Hough và xem các vở kịch của Broadway! »Tải ứng dụng tài năng của nước Mỹ: …


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  1. I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t get though. Hope he makes it to Broadway. He is Broadway materiel the way he sings. Now rooting for Tyler and Kodi, and hoping Kodi will win it all!

  2. In this video you say when you're older maybe you'll be on Broadway. I'm sure there are Broadway shows that have kids/pre-teens/teens in them now. You should certainly look at auditioning. I'd pay to see you! If you're not ready, look into performing arts schools. You'd be a shoe in! I'm sure whatever you pursue you will be great!

  3. I really don't know why you aren't in the finals. Voted for you each time. I know a lot of people were angry and actually cried when you didn't make it! But now, you have a big following and lots of support. Bless your coach. Your passion is the key to success. That's what I love about you. Looking forward to see what you do next. Enjoy your journey to Broadway! We will all be watching!❤️

  4. I'm astounded 😳. I didn't watch last night, but just looked up who made it through and who didn't. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE RESULTS. Luke!! I just Don't understand Why. 💔
    You're A Winner for your Lifetime, Regardless.

  5. You are/were my favorite Luke :)! Congrats on making it this far 😊😊💜!!! I reeeeeally hope to see you one day (very soon!) on Broadway 😊😊!!! Please keep singing and keep sharing with us your amazing/beautiful voice :)!!!

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