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  1. The top 2 are definitely Kodi Lee and V.Unbeatable. But I’ll have to say I’m kind of disappointed with this season. I think some of the finalists are rather bland. There’s patterns to everything. The only ones that actually get me excited for or I can appreciate are the two I mentioned earlier, Voices of Service, and Light Balance Kids

  2. 6 singers, 1 comedian, 2 dance crews, and 1 violinist. No person who creates art in the dark. No person who can do magic, no person who can do danger acts, or something DIFFERENT(besides V. Unbeatable, who’s the closest to danger). This is pretty generic finals, only 1 comedian, rest basically being musicians or flying across the stage, which I love V. Unbeatable, I just want an odd underdog to win. V. Unbeatable has the most potential, the others are pretty generic(I’m not saying Light Balance Kids sucks, but it’s too similar choreography to actual Light Balance, making it look pretty generic to me). So unless a singer blows my socks off, I’m putting all my money on V. Unbeatable or the Cripple Threat. Not saying the other acts suck, just a little to generic for AGT. Can America please vote for variety? Good luck to my favorite acts coming from Philippines.

  3. I’m tired of hearing this whole Kodi vs Vikas situation I’m not saying they aren’t talented by just because they both have a sad story doesn’t mean they should automatically win. Voices of Service for life

  4. Emanne is the best talent and whether or not she wins this show-she's a winner and will probably end up with a multi million dollar contract (after all andrea bocelli is worth at least 40 million dollars : )

  5. Without a doubt the worst finals lineup on the show. Seems like the Live Show picks were already weak enough, and now here we are in finals with NINE MUSIC ACTS. That is no exaggeration. Six singing acts, two dancing acts, one violinist. What a diverse lineup of talent. It’s not like any of them are bad, but how many Jackie Evanchos are we going to get? Apparently Simon doesn’t get tired of singers and dance groups, while acts like Eric Chien are cut for living in Shin Lim’s shadow. Which is fair; but wouldn’t acts like Emmane Beasha live in Laura Bretan’s shadow, or Light Balance Kids in the shadow of, I don’t know… Light Balance themselves? And these repetitive and predictable acts get cut in the place of those like Eric Chien, Marcin, Alex Dowis, Greg Morton, Messoudi Brothers, Chris Klafford, Robert Finley… I will never get over the fact that Alex lost to a ten year old.

    The two saving graces of the finals are V.Unbeatable and Ryan Niemiller. Ryan now remains as the sole surviving variety act, and he’s a good comedian, at that. Maybe he can pull a Mat Franco and defy the odds of every music act to win, but against the bias of the judges with Kodi Lee, he has zero chance. V. Unbeatable, on the flipside, step it up each time as an acrobatic group, in all honesty they know how to put on a show. They’re the only other act that has a shot to win, here’s to hoping.

    Every reality show has their off seasons, and this is no exception for AGT. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s been their weakest season to date, and for deliberately eliminating acts like Alex, Marcin, Greg and Robert, really the show did it to themselves.

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