Các thành viên quân sự Những tiếng nói về dịch vụ STUN với "Dấu chân trên cát" – America's Talent 2019


Tiếng nói của Dịch vụ đóng vai trò như một ánh sáng trong bóng tối đối với nhiều người lính bị PTSD. Nhóm hát hát một màn trình diễn đầy cảm xúc của …


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  1. Oh man, I kind of wanted to hear some Bodyguard music. I was hoping for it. The greatest compliment I can give, is that I didn't miss it at all. Reminiscent of Boys to Men, I Swear. Also would have been a great song. You guys are amazing. What you do, and people don't seem to understand this, is put yourselves on the line, not to impose will but defend our right to even have a voice. When did our warriors stop coming home as heroes, and start coming home as representations of political values? That's not on our service members AT ALL. I love you guys, I applaud what you do, and hat over my heart every time you sing. And for every solider ever. Thank you.

  2. I have voted for them all along the way and did so again as much as I could last night! I truly hope they win, but am skeptical that they will. I predict America is either going to choose Kodi Lee or one of the kids. If it's one of the minors, I'm really going to be annoyed. I've watched AGT all 14 seasons, but am beginning to get frustrated with it. Seems like America's Got Talent should be about Americans not all these people coming from other countries. No, I'm not prejudiced, but I thought it was called America's Got Talent not World's Got Talent. Also, more and more the show is having children. I have nothing against children, but I prefer to watch adults, and think adults should win. This is for their career. They need $1 million dollars and a show; children don't need that. This year, only 3 of the finalists were over 18, and I think that's crazy. I've told AGT many times they should have AGT kid's version with a prize for college fund along with some prize money or something fun like a vacation with their family and friends to Disneyland. Back to Voices of Service; regardless of the outcome, I know you'll continue your service. Blessings to you!

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