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Hãy trung thực, kết bạn có thể khó xử và đáng sợ. Khi tôi chuyển đến NYC năm ngoái, việc kết bạn là một trong những điều tôi sợ nhất ….


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  1. so I travel for work so it is INCREDIBLY HARD to make friends while touring. I don’t have a lot of consistency in locations but it’s made me cling on to the friends I have back at my home and grow those connections even more.

  2. I made the experience that people are very surprised (in a positiv way) when I reach out to new neighbours or colleagues at work actively saying or sending a note "Hi you're new here, welcome:) Do you want to grab a coffee some time this week?" it is kind of sad that most of the time I get the response "sure, that's so nice. this never happend to me before"

  3. What a great video and so true! I was wondering what you think about platonic female <> male friendships. You underlined female friends a few times. For me personally I love the different dynamics and insights from both my female and male friends and would'nt want to miss out on either of them

  4. I'm so happy that you're talking about this. When I first moved to Manhattan, I also didn't know anyone and my first six months in New York were painful, lonely, and full of missed connections. It was only when I made close friends that the city opened up for me and I stopped debating whether I should just move back home. I started a company called More to make it so that no-one needs to go through half a year of wanting to leave the city before they can begin taking advantage of the amazing people and moments it has to offer – so that anyone can begin making meaningful connections and memories as soon as their feet touch down on NY ground <3

  5. After struggling finding friends as an adult, I started connecting to people via my dog. I’m in dog walking fb groups and it’s so easy to meet up with people because they have to go on walks anyways and you have something to talk about, so it isn’t awkward at all.

  6. I think the best activities for friends dates are things that allow time to talk while still being active (if you are active people) or something unique. I love hiking and certain friends do as well so when we have the chance to get together it is almost always for a hike or a cookout in a state park (or even better a camping weekend!). With other friends I like getting dressed up and going to a tea house for high tea.

  7. Thank you SO much for this video. I recently moved across the country and it has been three weeks since I've settled in. I have had difficulty finding friends I actually connect with on a deeper level but I am trying to be patient and put myself out there as much as possible!

  8. thank you for posting this! as an introverted 30 yr old, it has been difficult branching out and trying to meet new people, although it is something I deeply crave! these are all helpful tips on how to meet new friends and I will definitely be getting that book!

  9. I appreciate your recommendations, I moved to a new city in the last year and struggled with finding friends and I feel like I still am. I thankfully can go back to the old city once a month usually but I realize it’s important to invest in local friendships. I find work friends are easiest to see during work but it’s hard to schedule friend dates. So instead we do favors for each other like picking up some decorations for their home project or bringing food to share to work. You can always squeeze in a friend date on lunch if your free time schedules don’t align often. 🙂

  10. I've recently moved to a big city, so I'm feeling all these feels right now!! Also a moment of deepening friendship was when a pal and I sat in a park in London and read each other's natal charts and told each other our life stories basically. This pal has very intimate friendships, and I'm really lucky to be a part of one!

  11. Thanks for this! I moved to a different country and have been struggling to meet people & make friends. I'm also an introvert :/
    I finally decided to join a few Meetup communities for expats and have been to a few events. I had some good conversations with a few people, so I'm off to a good start! 😊

  12. Thank you so much for this video, Ingrid! Making friends as an adult women is very challenging–I discuss this with my close friends all the time. I've found a lot of comfort in knowing that when you go into a situation knowing that the other person is probably as nervous as you are about making friends it's really not so scary! Bought the book you recommended and can not wait to read <3

  13. Meetup women’s groups are great! Most of the time it is just a larger group of great women who are being social, but I have occasionally made friends that went outside the group activities. Good luck 🍀 everyone!

  14. Don’t know if you will see this or address this particular problem, but I would love if you talked about what to do if your partner doesn’t have any friends. Like, I’m his only friend. I have other friends and I think he respects and understands that. And he knows it’s an issue and ties it to being betrayed by friends in the past so he thinks—what’s the point? And also has a difficult time connecting with people. I don’t think he wants friends yet he knows he should engage in socialization. Any thoughts?

  15. hi, Ingrid !
    Thank you so much !!!
    This is the video that I really wanted so baddly. Few months ago I quit my Job and decided to move on to new chapter in my life. Recently I just moved to Singapore and I'm living here alone.

    For me, I feel like this subject is awkward and shame when you have zero friends around you.
    Me being adults here, It's also feels wierd to let anyone knows that I'm not good at socializing.

    BUT, to hearing you saying that it's ok to express that feelings to other people was kind of amazing things that I learn from you.

    Huge thanks to you.

  16. I just moved from CT to San Fransisco about a month ago and these tips are really helpful. I definitely recommend picking up a hobby, maybe something you did before, or something new. I joined a new dance studio when I moved out here and it is so nice to spend time with people who have similar interests. I haven’t made any lasting friends there yet but it is nice to walk in and see people I know. I would also say, don’t be afraid to wear merch/band tshirts, anything that represents your interests. I have Harry Potter earrings that have started 3 different conversations so far – people like to comment on things they recognize so you know they have a shared interest with you!!

  17. I've found awesome adult friends through running groups, such as Florida Striders and the Jacksonville Track Club (JTC). Particularly JTC because they provide members with a Half Marathon Training class in the fall and a Gate Training Class in the winter. The same group of runners, plus some new who discover the classes, sign up for both classes and it's a great way to find other runners who run your pace as well as develop lasting relationships with other adults. Most runners love to talk and socialize, big extroverts, and it's great to meet up with other adults who enjoy running as much as I do in my spare time. I'm usually the youngest, even among other runners in my group who are in their 30s, so it's great to soak up their advice and encouragement because they've been running longer than I have. It's also great to have a group of runners to hold you accountable to your running schedule, especially when you have a race that you're training for on the horizon.

  18. This video is very necessary and so true. I used to be the biggest “social butterfly,” and knew everyone, everywhere I went. Now, I’m 40, and a mom of an eight year old and don’t have many friends. I’ve realized that at this age, you tend to learn who your “true” friends are. And, it’s difficult to make friends when you’re a full time mom, employed full time, and has a husband who works 70 hours a week. I don’t go out for happy hour on Fridays with other couples, I don’t have a mommy play date group, I don’t have a mother’s group. I have two good friends who commiserate over our busy lives and enjoy the time that we have with each other!

  19. I enjoy going to free community workout classes! They're usually outside and pop-up workouts where a gym comes out and just hosts a free class. I made two friends just chatting to a couple of them after the workout and asking if they'd like to exchange numbers! It felt cheesy to ask, but I'm so glad I did because they're great girls and we're now friends.

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