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Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Đây là video tôi chia sẻ một số cảm xúc cá nhân của mình với bạn … Hy vọng bạn thích! Cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo! Gì…


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  1. I really believe that the reason you feel such a strong connection to your grandfather that you never met in this life… Is because you met him before you were born. He knew you and you knew him and were probably very close to him before you came here😊 just really wanted to share that with you. I love you Kathleen ❤️

  2. I know this video is older but I was looking back on some of your videos. I have the same thing as you do with your grandpa with my uncle Roland I was born exactly a year after he died and I'm exactly like him and I've never met him and I feel such an extreme connection plus I have very vivid dreams. I've watched you for such a long time thanks Kathleen for making me smile on my shitty days when only crying helps. I hope you read this ❤️ love ya

  3. I know exactly what you mean when you were talking about your grandpa. I have the same thing with mine, he died in '99 and I was born in 2001. My mom and grandma always said I knew things about him that I shouldn't have known, because no one spoke to me about it. I have always had this connection. Whenever my sister, who loved him and actually met him, would mention him, I would just cry. Today is his birthday and I was just talking about him last night and how weird the connection to him is.

  4. Those videos are awesome! What a blessing it is to share that experience with you! 🙂 your dad looks the same, and your grandpa was so handsome! I just had a baby girl and I’m trying to capture so many pictures and videos for her! I even have a journal that I write to her in. Can’t wait to share them all with her someday.

  5. Thank you for sharing these family memories. You're lucky to see your dad in videos while he was young! I wish my dad had some videos of him and his siblings. But he showed us pics of himself as a kid. That's good enough! Thank you again for your awesome videos. I love watching your videos always funny!! Much love ❤️

  6. I actually see so much resemblance between you and your grandpa! I feel the same way… My mom is the 2nd to youngest of 8 children, and the second oldest daughter passed away from polio during the outbreak. And my moms told me ever since I was little, that I was named Teresa Marie after her because her name was Maria Teresa, and that when I was born my grandpa started crying because I looked just like her. Mind you, my mom never met her because she was passed away at 2 years old. I've always felt a connection with her

  7. I know exactly how you feel because my situation is kind of similar.
    My grandma past away about 6 months before I was born and every person I was introduced to said how similar we looked. Even today, my mum always says that we look so similar and we act the same way and I feel that "connection" because I've always felt like "someone" is taking care of me.
    Very touching video, you are awesome Kathleen. Love you <3

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