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Như bạn có thể đã nghe (hoặc đã thấy), tháng 8 không phải là tháng tốt nhất mỗi tháng. Nhưng sự tăng trưởng và nhận thức đến từ nó, là. Là con người, …


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  1. hey jenn ;^; im so sorry abt what happened to your tooth but i can really relate cos the exact same thing happened to my front tooth, the same front tooth as yours when i was a little younger so half of my tooth is fake too!!! im so glad you’re looking on this so positively ❤️ keep going sis i’ve been following you for so long and i rlly look up to you. you got this!!!!

  2. Wow! The odds. Almost a year ago this month I fell off those electric scooters you can rent and broke three of my teeth. I'm still in the process of getting my permanent fixes (I have to do braces to fix the fracture on my mandible) and once that's done I finally get my crowns and one dental implant. It has not been fun and I can relate. But also I agree with you, could have gotten a concussion or broken a bone but my teeth saved my life. Glad things are turning around for you!

  3. i know exactly how you feel.. i had a cyst that formed under my nose out of no where last year . and the posion from it took 3 teeth from me after destorying the gum and bone surrounding them… all on my smile line.. i havnt smiled a full smile or laughed where you could see my teeth since.. im glad you could get yours fixed.. i just cant afford the braces they require to straigthen my teeth so they can put implants inand the implants are insanely expensive.. i get asked if im a drug addict often ( it made it hard to find a job after they broke off and one was pulled ) ..and i pretty much just dont date due to this..they see my missing teeth and thats it for them… i still cry sometimes when i look in the mirror and see the missing spots.. im currently worried about my front main tooth..theres a space forming in the middle of it and another tooth and if i lose that one..i just won't smile anymore at all 🙁

  4. Omg Jenn, you’ve been through so so much! You are so brave to share your past month! Thanks for showing a side that is often “erased” on social media. You are such an inspiration! I admire you more throughout the years!

  5. I really appreciate that you have the courage to share with us your bad accidents and I totally relate. When I was in secondary school, one of my classmates suddenly jumped on my bike and I lost control and fell down. Unfortunately, I lost one of my front teeth and I was injured so badly. But the most horrible thing is that boy didn't apologize me and his family behaved rudely when my mom came to his house to tell his parents about that accident. I was there too, so I just felt so embarrassed about myself. I have to take a few weeks off school to recover from that. I had a fake tooth but it didn't look like real so I didn't smile a lot since that. I felt so awkward whenever someone told me to smile more natural. It has been over five years from that nightmare but I still can't forget it. Some people might thing it's not that big a deal and even make jokes about my fake tooth. I just don't care and keep moving forwards. I know I can't recover completely from that but I will not let it ruin any happy moment of my life. I hope everyone who have to suffer bad things always find a way get out of that and stay positive. For me, it's my family who always support me is my biggest motivation.

  6. I felt empowered. After i lost my front tooth back at 2014, and i did have dentures. i lost so much self-esteem and confidence. I did have a hard time accepting myself again. But luckily i also have a supporting boyfriend by my side and now im finally happy❣

  7. Dear Jen,

    First of all, thank you for this video.
    I've downloaded this video since it was released a week ago, but honestly I didn't want to watch it at all. If you're wondering why, it's because of the thumbnail.
    Just like you, I fell flat on my face and broke my front tooth (the exact same one) when I was a fifth grader. Being an Asian in a developing country as a middle class, teeth are never our priorities, my parents said it will grow back so there's no need to go to the dentist. I only started to wear a denture when I was 14 because it became obvious that it won't grow back. Frankly speaking, none of my friends realized that my tooth suddenly fixed, but I was (still am) such a superficial and insecure person that I decided to hide the truth. My denture is my biggest insecurity.
    It's been years since I started wearing a denture, I still don't talk about my false tooth. With an exception of one best friend, none of my friends know about it. I don't even kiss (well, a peck isn't a kiss) because I was afraid of being turned down. I can't show my teeth when I smile for the camera because people can see the difference between my real teeth and the denture.
    Currently, I am saving so I can get a crown. Dentist is expensive in my country, as the bread winner of my family most of my wages were spent on the utilities.
    I know I will still be a superficial person even with a crown, but I hope I will become less insecure.

  8. I love your story girl, I got my tooth chipped too when I was younger and waited like 3 days before I told people about it. And then my teacher forced me to go to the dentist and they fixed me up, it’s like 8 years now and my teeth are still poppin

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