TẤT CẢ các buổi biểu diễn của KODI LEE vào mùa 14 của AGT! – Tài năng của Mỹ năm 2019


Kodi Lee là người chiến thắng của tài năng Mỹ! Sống lại tất cả các màn trình diễn của Kodi từ Phần 14. Audition cho AGT Phần 15: agtauditions.com »…


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  1. He was the winner when he stepped on stage, was going to him or the guy with the short arms. This was a fixed . That y I stop watching this crap a long long time ago. I hope too things now they gave him and I do mean gave him this . He and is ppls take advantage . Just hope he doesn't come up with sight and being a normal 22 year old .

  2. 20 times or more I have come back and listened to him, It isn’t just his voice…I mean, his piano playing is so amazing too…so heartfelt and musical and complementary to his vocals…he is an amazing artist and I am in awe every time.

  3. My son is 6 almost 7 and he was diagnosed with microcephaly and Cp but high functioning from his neurologist and this man has given me and family so much hope! Thank you Kodi and your family for taking that first step!!! Good luck with all your endeavors! Thank you to his mom and dad and family you’ve given me and mine a lot of hope for the future!

  4. As a parent of two autistic children, Kodi is truly an inspiration. He brought tears to my family and I the moment we heard him sing. I hope he and his family are able to use their new platform to create awareness and understanding for autism.

  5. Hands down one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. I will never forget Kodi Lee. I have feeling I'm going have to got to Vegas to see him live. Makes me feel like I can achieve anything. # inspired

  6. Kodi, you are such a talented young man and such an inspiration! My son is a high-functioning autistic with ADHD, and you give me hope that he, too, will find his way. Thank you, Kodi, for just being you! Congratulations! You so deserve it!

  7. I don’t believe Leona sang the way that she sang to make Kodi look better or whatever. Idk why ppl would jump to that conclusion first. There could be a million other reasons. And we will never know. But it can simply be just that wasn’t her best performance and that’s perfectly fine. She still has a great voice and it wasn’t horrible. Artist have their off performances. It happens

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