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Tháng 9 đã đi đâu? Đối với vlog đóng gói tuyệt vời này, chúng tôi đã có những buổi chụp hình bất tận và một bữa tối lãng mạn dưới ánh nến với La Mer. Đặc biệt…


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  1. I was definitely not expecting that serum to be $350 dollars!! Love you Jenn, but to prevent people from getting ripped off I have to say 'regenerating serum' is absolute crap. Please don't get ripped off and save your money. I am a scientist who is doing their PhD in the field of regenerative medicine.. just because a sea kelp can regrow (like most plants anyway…) doesn't mean that magically putting that on your skin makes elements on your skin able to regrow… if we could, wouldn't we be doing it for lots of other disease/dermatological issues?! Please, don't be fooled by these companies!!

  2. Love Jenn, love seeing her get this coin, but that serum is $365 a bottle…probably out of the price range of most of her audience. Just feels distant from the reality of most of her viewers. edit: there's an awful lot of ads to skip in a video sponsored by a luxury brand…

  3. Hey Jenn, I've been watching your videos for a while now! I don't mean to sound rude at all, but what are your thoughts on fast fashion and sustainability in the fashion industry? I know we're all doing our part to help mitigate climate change and I'm just wondering where you are taking Eggie!

  4. So weird to watch fellow wrinkle free woman talk about needing more and more products for looking young without any second thought. The construct of aging being the absolute evil for women keeps on going strong in us.We are, no doubt, products of our societies and pressures..(me included btw!)

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