Ghé thăm New Orleans – Don & # 39; ts khi đến thăm New Orleans


New Orleans, The Big Easy là một trong những điểm du lịch tốt nhất ở Hoa Kỳ. Từ kiến ​​trúc lịch sử ở Khu phố Pháp, đến các bữa tiệc …


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  1. Funny, my history teacher in high school was from New Orleans and he was adamant that it was pronounced N'awlins. I have also met many people from there (I live in Louisiana) who are natives from there and if you say New Orleans, they will correct you and say it's "N'awlins".

  2. Just got back from a surprise trip to New Orleans just want to add a tip look at the dress codes for higher end restaurants this includes shoes . We opted for hole in the wall places in the non tourist parts where locals eat we were not disappointed and no dress code. The Spanish architecture in the French quarter was beautiful and was worth the walk though in the daytime. Cemetery tours were interesting. The museums outstanding. My only disappointment was Cafe du Monde Disney like crowds, dirty atmosphere and disappointing fast food type beignets. I have been making beignets since I was a little girl so this fast food version was a bit shocking to my tastebuds. The best part of New Orleans for me was the born and raised locals. I really enjoyed talking with them they have the best local history stories and outstanding southern hospitality. Now the only thing left to do is have my husband watch this video so I can mercilessly tease him about how he says Nawlins .He kept teasing me about how I was saying it wrong when I was indeed saying it properly the entire time.

  3. The WWII museum is AMAZING. I typically don't get into history that's within living memory, but my FIL dropped into Normandy on D-Day, so my husband insisted we go. I loved it! There was so much to see that we had to call it a day after only seeing the war in Europe. We'll be going back to see the war in the Pacific. And to have that amazing New Orleans food. We live in Houston, btw. To us, a New Orleans summer is just home-like weather but with better scenery.

  4. A few things he forgot to mention; if you're a Satanist you'll love it there. It's has no shortage of very sinful things to do. Here is a comprehensive list for all of you Baphomet lovers out there:

    Voodoo shops and rituals you can attend, plenty of Witchcraft shops, drug paraphernalia shops where they sell crack pipes out in the open, a museum of Necrophilia on Magazine St. ( at least it was there before Katrina trashed this already trashy city) transvestite shows, strip joints everywhere, tarot card readers, fake Jew Synagogues all over the place, ( well, they would ) crooked police, disgusting nasty air to breath in the French Quarter, faggots playing with each other out in the open, dope dealers, ghetto blacks that will slip your throat for 10 bucks, and the back room of the House of Blues where they have a Satanic ritual room complete with Skulls, upside down pentagrams, etc.

    Have a good time! Oh, and by they way, his assessment of just June and July is bad is wrong. It's summer 10 Months out of the year. But that should be great for a Satanist, as it's great practice for where you are going when you die. Again, have a great time.

  5. And the best way to get the "I know where you got those shoes" guys off your back really is to tell them "I'm a local dude, I know that one". That's a solid piece of advice. Just don't be wearing beads and a fanny pack when you say it.

  6. Don't go to NOLA period. City Government is corrupt, crime is out of control, police are hampered by incompetent leadership. Heritage is being destroyed by cultural cleansing. French Quarter stinks, the roads haven't been repaired since Katrina. It floods with slightest rain and the motels are rat infested. Hotels are full of mold.

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