Một đường vòng nhỏ Castlerigg


Một khoảnh khắc thân mật chỉ có tôi và con cừu Tôi phải thì thầm. Đó là vào cuối ngày (ở vĩ độ này, trời sáng cho đến 10 giờ tối), và tôi thực sự …


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  1. “That’s good stuff!” That’s an understatement! What a beautiful spot. Fun to think of the thousands and thousands of people who have been there. I love these quick little videos, Rick Steves… thank you❣️👏🏻🎁🌎

  2. When I was there, I expected to see something mystical. Instead there were people sitting on the stones eating picnic lunches and ice creams, with an ice cream truck sitting out on the lane. I laughed my head off.

  3. I've been traveling with your guide books Rick since I was a young traveler in the 90s. I love your PBS series. I've been to Stonehenge and Avebury. Now I must visit Castlerigg. So peaceful. BTW, a fellow ELCA member here

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