GLOSSIER BROW FLICK …. KHÔNG phải những gì tôi mong đợi !!


Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Vì vậy, quảng cáo trên Instagram cuối cùng đã giúp tôi và tôi đã mua Glossier Brow Flick! Tôi đang cho các bạn thấy cách tôi sử dụng nó trong …


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  1. I like the way they look- I always say to myself if someone is standing so close to see my individual brow hairs they’re standing too close 😏
    *try using a serum to thicken your brows- I use shiseido

  2. With practice, I have fallen in love with the brow flick! First I use the boy brow to give my brows volume, then I go in with the brow flick to fill in the gaps and create a better shape, and then to make sure my brows stay all day, I go in with Anastasia clear brow gel. The flick and boy brow have replaced my Anastasia brow wiz, and my brows look so much more natural!

  3. For a few months I have been using a similar product by limecrime. I love it! First I do my eyebrows with powder then use the felt tip eyebrow product mostly in the front and tail of my brows. I don’t have much hair on the front and they look so good thanks to this product🙌🏼 I am going to test the ardell one once this one finishes.

  4. I got excited cause I thought it was a new Kathleen brow tutorial ☹️ please do an update Kathleen im so in love with how you do your brows atm! 😭😍 (I still love your content regardless 😘)

  5. I have no brow hair…I take my wiz to get the shape and fullness and gradient that I want then I take my iconic londond brow cushion an I flick in my hair stokes starting light to dark then I set them w translucent and brush with the spooly an reapply the hair stroke with the iconic london so it gives it depth an looks great..

  6. I think u can use this brow flick on the front and do like some hair on ur eyebrow and u have to fill in with ur regular brow wiz, because only this flick will give u some gap in between your hair, and if u think your hair is to « harsh » u can set your brow with a clear brow gel for example☺️

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