Kelly yêu Steve Knill Biểu diễn "Lên núi" – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019


Steve Knill biểu diễn "Lên núi" trong buổi thử giọng The Voice Blind. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice:» …


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  1. We call this show the voice and what do you need to have a great voice for this show. Good pitch control. Good vocal technique. And more. This guy has all of that and I get it. Chairs are filling up but bro idc. This guys talented you can’t pass that up

  2. He did far too many runs-even tho they were emotionally impactful , it won’t win the voice, I can name several that never made it to the finals that had beautiful runs and soulful falsettos. Not enough. You have to sustain long phrases mexed with emotional runs to move forward. . He has great emotional runs but that won’t win the voice. I’m hoping his next song showcases his longer phrasing.

  3. Amazing, overflowing technical prowess and understandable as it’s the blinds and you need to show as much as you can. Wish he did this for KOs like Brennley though, when artists are more comfortable and can really afford to hone in on the story and move people.

  4. That was b/s. His voice was so much better than others that they ALL turned for. Amazing voice, tone and range. SO much better than others they've fought over. And he didn't 'over-sing' it either, he had to show them what he's capable of. If I had one critique it would be that he needs to work on the emotion of the song and connecting with the audience….which is easy to achieve.

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