Những gì cuộc thi Apollo Apollo | APOLLO – Nhiệm vụ lên Mặt trăng


Các sứ mệnh Apollo lên mặt trăng của Hoa Kỳ có nghĩa là một kỷ nguyên mới trong khám phá vũ trụ.
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  1. For this video to discuss a catastrophic failure but not mention what happened to Apollo 1 for those who don't already know is a bit sad imo because in hindsight that interview has a whole different perspective

  2. I am a huge NASA nerd, and I have watched a lot of footage. However, this is the first time I have seen that particular clip of Roger Chaffee. It sincerely choked me up. Rest In Peace all of our space heros. Apollo 1 crew, you will never be forgotten. ❤️

  3. The best of the best. And yet people don’t believe what they said they saw. I’ll never understand it. Apollo 11 they said they were under constant observation. Why would they tell Houston that? Houston knew THEY were observing the mission. Who else was observing? The Sumerian stone tablets hold the answer. Many answers to many questions are on those stone tablets. Questions they knew humanity would ask. Answers. Answers carved in stone to stand the tests of time.

  4. The end of the Space Program marked the victory of International Socialism over National Socialism.
    The West, lead by the English speaking peoples, is currently engaged in an experiment to see if we can find a balance between
    the incredible innovations possible with the free market and the security of national socialism. Can a free people turn on
    national socialism in times of external threat, but when the threat is vanquished, return to self rule?

  5. So, so sad, but we learned so much from that first attempt. The loss of their lives was not in vain. Every astronaut since that mission has been just that much safer because of the exposure of that design flaw.

  6. The 'Law Of Averages' is the fallacious belief that a particular outcome or event is inevitable or certain simply because it is statistically possible. This notion can lead to the 'Gambler's Fallacy' when one becomes convinced that a particular outcome must come soon simply because it has not occurred recently.

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