Trump Will No Longer Host Hội nghị G7 tại Khu nghỉ mát Golf Florida của ông


Cuộc độc thoại của Seth Meyers từ thứ Hai, ngày 21 tháng 10. »Đăng ký vào Đêm muộn:» Nhận thêm Đêm muộn với Seth Meyers: …


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  1. Bernie Sanders just had the single largest campaign event of the primary, drawing in 25,872 people. I think this alone deserves a separate segment. I am still waiting for other late shows to at least mention it.
    That is why I switched to independent commentators like this one for honest unbiased reporting:


  2. NOTE: Humpty Dumpty Trump DOES NOT OWN the Trump Doral International Resort. His "business" is to contractually RENT his so-called 'brand name' for marketing such near airport mega-dumps. Then he reaps a percentage kickback on the rooms etc. booked via promoting while POTUS. Trump PAYS the owners a permission fee monthly too. Even when Don's G-7 clandestine 'beak-wetting' event was cancelled – he still TV promoted the Doral dump next to the flight-path MIA! At least cocaine is easy to mule over from MIA. Per Don, "It's perfect."

  3. Ok, I like “A Closer Look” but I feel like the guy controlling the “applause” and “laugh” signs is out of sync with the show. Like, Seth will say the punch line and then just stare for 5 seconds waiting on crowd reaction. I can’t do it anymore.

  4. Seth usually gets his facts right but he misspoke when he said Trump is being impeached. I wish to God Trump was being impeached but no vote has been taken in the House. Why is anyone’s guess. Certainly the public hasn’t been let in on the secret. The House Dem’s strategy of “Mother/Father knows best and you voters don’t need to worry your pretty little heads” is going to get us another 4 years of Trump!

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