Ghé thăm Arenal – 5 điều bạn sẽ yêu thích và ghét về Arenal, Costa Rica


Rừng mây Monteverde & Công viên quốc gia & Núi lửa Arenal là hai trong số những điểm đến du lịch mang tính biểu tượng và quan trọng nhất ở Costa Rica. Đây…


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  1. I love your enthusiasm, and understand that you you are talking to people that have no sense of the region (well done on that), but having lived in CR and spent a few weeks in La Fortuna over the years, the video seemed like the cumulative experience of a weekend (i.e. well produced but light on actual useful content). Sorry to be a downer, but that was my impression.

  2. I enjoy your enthusiasm on the video, I have seen several and I have to thank you for the time you invested. question: when in arenal… the zip lines did you guys went to a tour place? is it private companies doing this? is there one that is part of the national park? can you share the name of the one you hire if you did please.

  3. I love your pictures of the hot springs. My favorite hot springs in the area are the Tabacon Hot Springs.
    I would also like to emphasize what you said about the sun block. There is a sign on the highway near Arenal that says: "8 degrees latitude". Costa Rica isn't far from the equator so the sun's rays are very strong. I got a sun burn on my arm because it was outside the window on the drive up to Arenal. Make sure to use plenty of sun block!

  4. I never did get a good view of the Volcano. It looks like they've improved the roads a bit, but I remember that rusty single-lane bridge.
    La Fortuna is a lovely town and Ticos are friendly people. The "sodas" have great food, and they are cheap. I recommend choosing "comidas tipicas" there rather than American fare like burgers or pizza.

  5. 🏅I'm not sure who is doing the editing for these videos, but they truly are a master piece🎩Many nights I wake up to low phone battery because I fall asleep to these videos on repeat📴Pura Vida 🏖

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