Ghé thăm xứ Wales – 10 điều mà khách du lịch SỐC về xứ Wales


Wales hoặc Cymru ở xứ Wales là một quốc gia và điểm đến du lịch đáng kinh ngạc. Nó có nhiều lâu đài (trong chiến thuật và tàn tích), vẻ đẹp tự nhiên rực rỡ và …


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  1. England, Scotland, Wales….. are like brothers, they will beat the hell out of each other rip on each other. But woe betide anyone who is not the family decides to have a go at us we will turn on you as one and we rip your f+#ing face off

  2. Tbh I have never heard people in England referring to the Welsh as dim….I've only heard English people complain about the odd frosty receptions in some pubs / shops etc mostly in North Wales.. (my welsh / welsh speaking college friend said he went to the pub and heard the English friends he was with have the piss ripped out of them in Welsh when they went to the bar – BUT gave the people in there a surprise when he came up and ordered in Welsh and said it was nice to get such friendly service!!) I've been to pubs / shops / cafes etc all along the Lynn peninsular & Pembrokeshire over many years and had the odd frosty reception BUT on the whole 95% + of the time Welsh people are very friendly and open. I think the main resentment comes about from people having second homes and pushing up the cost of property – so local youngsters and families are priced out – similar happens in places like Cornwall. My Grandma (mum's mum) was Welsh / Welsh speaking (Blodwyn by name ) and tbh I wish we'd known more of her roots / heritage but I was only little when she passed away. Wales is a great country for visitors and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone rather than just visiting SE England and esp London… Some spectacular scenery and lovely coastlines and beaches.

  3. Well that's that blown then, Wales was one of the worlds best kept secrets! lol.
    It's also, for a very small nation, one of the most successful sporting nations in the world, in terms of world records held etc.

  4. I have 2 ridiculous stories. First I was 15. I asked where is Llwybr Cynheoddus? Facepalm aka twp. We were driving all round and I kept seeing the sign pointing in different directions, thought it must be a town or village. Second I stopped by the road to buy some eggs. The guy was blind. I was talking to him and then said very carefully "I am sorry I don't speak Welsh" He replied "you are speaking Welsh to me now". Duh! I am over 60 now and I never forgot my embarassment. Cymru am Byth!

  5. I will add another shock to look out for the singing! The first time I took my wife to Wales we went to a local (Pub), there was a family do, going on and, suddenly someone started to sing, within moments the whole Pub was singing! It is really natural for Welsh people to sing when they gather together!

  6. Happy about this video as a welsh person
    there are typos
    There is on roof on the "o" in helo
    and it's just na not nage.
    sorry to point those out (I am from the North so i could be wrong actually even though welsh is my first language)
    I absolutely love this channel for your love for Wales

  7. A simple guide to Wales
    1. We have more sheep than people
    2. It's not England
    4. We are normal (usually (JK) 😂)
    5. Yes we have over 650 castles now deal with it

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