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Hiệu suất lưu ngay lập tức Wildcard của Marybeth Byrd của "Bạn là lý do" của Calum Scott trong 10 cuộc loại bỏ hàng đầu của The Voice Live. »Nhận giọng nói …


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  1. How did she land in the bottom 3? Her performance was way better than Kat. Mary picked a genius song for her voice last night and she sounded incredible and delivered her best performance to date and here she delivered her best performance to date again. She hasn't had a had performance yet. She never disappoints. I'm gonna make a bold prediction on what the top 4 will be. Katie, Rose, and Marybeth for top 3 or Katie, Rose, and Ricky for top 3. For middle 3 Jake, Ricky, and Will if Katie, Rose, and Mary are top 3 with Ricky winning instant save but if Ricky is in top 3 with Katie and Rose then Jake, Will, and Mary for middle 3 with Mary winning the instant save. She's gonna make it either way since she's the chosen country artist who can do crossovers. She should do more pop songs and belt. I love it when she belts. Use it more Mary and trust yourself. Just keep doing what you want to do. She is still John's second favorite obviously. Didn't Blake predict Mary will be in the finale and that she has what it takes to win? He's never been wrong with his predictions when he says someone will be in the finale. Next week she should sing Soon You'll Get Better by Taylor Swift as her voice would sound gorgeous on it or the song Fly Before You Fall and she needs to go big with the songs, like go for the big notes that will get everyone on their feet.

  2. My dad and I were watching this together. After she finished I was like d*mn she did the best and looked over to my dad and he was crying. So we both busted out laughing. Wiping the tears from his eyes he said "man she killed it" 😂

  3. Obviously like 98% of fans agree there's no way Marybeth belonged in the bottom 2 especially after her performance last night being arguably the best of the entire season. Something is incredibly flawed with the voting this season. Kyndal should still be here but that's another story. If Marybeth doesn't make the finale I'll just tune out.

  4. America is always complaining why The Voice cant produce an artist like American Idol did but cant realize what they are doing with the contenstants. Like America, robbing these gems? Ali, Kyla, Kennedy and the list goes on. You better make sure this wont happen this season.

  5. Marybeth should've never been even close to the bottom 3. I don't get why some Americans vote who's popular over talented and sophisticated singers. She's better than some of the singers left. SMH

  6. Her instant save performance was one of the best performances of the season. She didn’t deserve to be in that position in the first place to be real! Her performance last night was beautiful!!

  7. The song choice last night didnt show what she can do with her voice very well. But she is phenomenal and is the best if the season!! Absolutely no reason her to be in the bottom 3! BUT IM TELLUNG U NOW!! SHES THE WINNER

  8. I swear why was Joana and Marybeth at the bottom, 🙁 so dissappointed, what was wrong with her performance last night? I felt like Hello Sunday should've left at least but nope :(, she still made it though, very proud and thankful.

  9. I haven't seen the show tonight so I don't know who else was in the bottom. However, I would have put her there. Last night was safe and with much less fragility, vulnerability and emotion than Selena. To do a current new release of a major artist, she needed to do it differently. I would have put her with Hello Sunday and I was disappointed in Jake's song but I doubt he will be in the bottom. I also thought Joana chose a song that many didn't know and it wasn't her best performance (she's my favourite female though – mega-talented) Kat didn't have a perfect week either. Will, Rose, and Ricky slayed. Everyone else had IMHO a 'meh' week.

  10. I was shocked Marybeth was in the bottom 3 when her performance last night felt like the grammy's, it would've been even worse if Kat was in the bottom 3, it's at a point now where every elimination is getting scarier and I hope her or Kat don't get robbed at a chance to be in the finale

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