Hiệu suất lưu ngay lập tức Wildcard của Shane Q: "Giết tôi nhẹ nhàng" – Loại bỏ giọng nói 2019


Hiệu suất lưu ngay lập tức Wildcard của Shane Q trong "Killing Me Softly" trong 10 bài hát loại bỏ trực tiếp của The Voice Live. »Nhận giọng nói …


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  1. awww those meals come first in Shane's head…he should really back off of the greed and focus on his talent. He fumbled really bad on his performance last night, moving around while singing exhausted him. He was out of breath 😞. I hope he learns from this. He can sing really well…standing still 😒.

  2. It was honestly his time to go. He had the worst performance last night and idk why the judges are pretending to be shocked that he was in the bottom. Well if Kelly(producers)gave him better song choices then he wouldn’t be in the bottom. I am glad to see him leave though. Myracle and Max’s karma. Period

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