Hướng dẫn quà tặng ngày lễ: Thân thiện với ngân sách + TẤT CẢ Dưới 50 đô la! | Ingrid Nilsen


Trong hướng dẫn quà tặng năm 2019 của tôi, tôi muốn bao gồm các tùy chọn dưới 50 đô la, dưới 30 đô la và dưới 20 đô la, vì tôi biết khi tôi mua quà tặng tôi muốn đặt …


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  1. I'm reading all of your comments and there are SO many thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts here! Love that this comments section is another resource for anyone who needs more unique gift ideas ♥️. Don't forget to comment to enter the giveaway

  2. Best gift I’ve ever received was from my best friend for Christmas two years ago. At the time I was dealing with a lot of loss and she had told me that my gift was “very practical”. I was expecting socks or something but no- she got me tiaras and sparkly hair pins to make me feel like a princess. It was the mixture of it being so unexpected and also just really fun in kind of a shitty time that made that gift so special. I love my best friend so much!!

  3. My parents, sister and I live in different parts of the world. My parents in Chile and Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and me in New Mexico. After my divorce, I found myself a single mom to three young children living in NM away from a support system.My best Christmas gift was when my parents and sister surprised me with a visit for Christmas.

  4. The best gift I’ve ever received probably would have to be one of those toys cameras that you used when you were a kid that you’d take a picture and it would show you like a lion or zebra in it, BUT that was when I was 14 and my family tricked me 😂 and then gave me my actual present after a good laugh, which was my first digital camera.

  5. The best gift I’ve ever received was from a bf . He had just moved to San Francisco and he went around the city and took pictures of himself in different places with a sign saying “this is my favorite park” or “wish you were here” he even had strangers in the photos holding signs as well. He put all the pictures into a book and wrote a story to go along with the pics 🙂

  6. hard to narrow down but one of the best gifts i've ever received was my parents paying for my college tuition. people may think it is normal to have things like this given to them but it is a blessing not having to graduate with any student loans/debt! & love you Ingrid !!!

  7. The best present I ever received was a mother-daughter trip to Las Vegas. My mom and I have the same birthday, and I happened to turn 21 the same day she turned 50! It was so great to celebrate our milestone birthdays together and have the one-on-one quality time that can sometimes be missed in daily life.

  8. The best gift I ever received was a set of lipsticks and the board game 7 Wonders. It was a collective gift from my friends and I felt so loved because those things were the essence of me and my friends really paid attention even though we all hadn’t seen each other in so long. 7 Wonders is now in my top 3 favorite board games.

  9. The best gift was when I was studying abroad I couldnt afford to fly home for Christmas but I was able to go to London so I could at least go to my own church (Anglican) and be in an English speaking place for Christmas with traditions similar to my family (we are very Irish, Scottish and English). I was alone in the hotel on Christmas but the staff was great and really helpful with everything. Then I went to a friend's (she had worked at a camp with me the summer before in the US) a couple days after once her family had left to go home (she was the youngest of 8). I met her mom when I got to the house – she and her dad picked me up from the train station – and she asked about my Christmas and what I had done. She was horrified that I had been alone eating in the hotel pub so had me leave the presents my parents had sent out so she could "wash them" before I wore them the next morning and had my friend take me into Cambridge to see the university the next day. While we were gone she redecorated the house, rewrapped my presents and added a stocking that she filled herself with local treats, remade the full Christmas dinner and surprised me with a full English Christmas when we got back that evening – having known me for less than 24 hours at that point. It was the sweetest, most selfless thing someone has done for me.

  10. Yay for giveaway! Thank you Ingrid 🙂 The best gift I ever received was all the art work my 6 year old son made me before he passed away. At the time it seems like silly messy artwork that you think you'll get a million of during a childs young years…..but now they are priceless to me and I adore each one individually and I know each one was made by him with so much love and intention and personality 🙂

  11. In my favorite bookstore they had Harry Potter first editions, it was a whole set & everytime I went there, I would just look at them lovingly. For a few months I just said hello to the books everytime I went there, secretly hoping that no one had bought them. The bookseller knew that I wanted them but couldn't affort them. I didn't even dare to ask for the price. I mentioned them to my mom at home, saying that in a parallel universe, I would be rich enough to buy them. My mom didn't know this shop but she did her ressearch. She asked around in my family for whoever wanted to participate & went all the way there to buy them for me. She had to carry them all the way home.

    I cried when she gave them to me (she'd said it was a hoover for my student flat to trick me).

    I have the best Mom.

  12. The best gift I have ever received is something my boyfriend bought for me as an early Christmas present this year: a gorgeous Kate Spade purse. We had gone to the outlets over the summer and I fell in love with a particular purse and had to tear myself away from it. I told him that when I got my securities license and had transitioned into a job that I enjoyed, unlike the position I was in at the time, I would go back and buy the purse. Fast forward to this month: I decided to forego getting my license and resign from my job because I was so unhappy and my health was taking a toll from it. My boyfriend surprised me with the bag and told me how proud he was of making such a hard decision to leave a secure job and for putting my health and happiness first.

  13. Thé best gift I ever received was skis and ski boots from my parents! I love to do alpine skiing and it was a family tradition growing up. We would always rent them for the season as kids (because we were constantly growing) and it was so special to have my own equipment! ❤️

  14. The best gift i've received was a promise ring from my boyfriend. But more than the ring itself, its the letter that came with it where he wrote down all the promises he wanted to keep forever besides me. I wear it all the time, and its a daily reminder of how loved im lucky to be.

  15. the best present I ever had was a pair of earrings( that I always wanted) from my mom …it was a surprise to me because my dad just died and I didn't think she remembered…she told me in very sad moment there's always something to be grateful for and that was each other …. I cried so hard that day and am truly lucky I still have her..my mom is my rock!!!! love u mom xxx

  16. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a book by Emily Schuman the girl who writes the blog cupcakes and cashmere. It is a lifestyle book and I remember wanting it so bad because she was my favorite blogger and I loved her style, baking and home decor tips, I thought she had the best style and I even started a blog because I was so inspired by her but I received her book as a gift from a friend because she knew I was obsessed with her and I read her blog every single day like it was the morning paper.

    Great video. I love those socks and book, this year I asked for talking to strangers for Christmas so we shall see what happens lol 🎄

  17. I can't choose one particular gift but, my favorites are small thoughtful gifts, like a soft blanket, or duck related items (because they are my fave animal and it is also my puppy's name) ! 🙂

  18. The best Christmas gift I ever received was probably my first camcorder. I recorded literally everything, even the tv itself. I was obsessed. I led to me making my first short film in 6th grade, "Sleepover Goes Bad". I wouldn't be where I am in my career without it!

  19. The best gift I ever received was a dinner party with my closest friends cooked by my partner. It was so thoughtful, from the dishes he cooked, to the cake he purchased (and designed), to the friends invited 💗 I felt so loved.

  20. The best gift I've ever gotten was my cat, who walked into my life from the street on a cold rainy holiday and never left – I like to think she's my gift from the universe. 🙂 It's also a gift to feed her furry little belly and see her happy!

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