Màn trình diễn Wildcard của Joana Martinez: "Ai đó tôi từng biết" – Loại bỏ giọng nói 2019


Hiệu suất lưu ngay lập tức Wildcard của Joana Martinez trong "Ai đó mà tôi từng biết" trong 10 bài hát loại bỏ trực tiếp của The Voice Live. " Nhận được…


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  1. bad song choice. i love joana with all my heart i really wish you had sung a ballet and showcased your voice for all it was worth this is definitely devastating we will miss you. adding you to the robbed list.

  2. Wow this sounded amazing! Her best performance to date! She delivered her best performance to date last night and chose the right song even though it was risky but she pulled it off and tonight she again picked a perfect song that fits her voice. I loved this.

  3. I love this girl. She definitely will be missed. 😞😞😞 Joana knows what’s coming off. She should still be there. Every single performance of her’s was 100% amazing!!!! It’s about popularity and Hello Sunday got a lot of sympathy votes last night. I feel for them but that shouldn’t be an influence for their advancement or elimination. But it was. You’re siblings are right Joana. You are amazing!!!! I for one will not forget you. ❤️👍

  4. I am so sorry Joana. You should have won this whole show. I’m not watching the rest of the season, and I may not watch the show anymore. Absolutely ridiculous. I just hope that you decide not to let this crime be the end of your music career and put out music when you are ready. I’ll be waiting, just as I was waiting for Kirk Jay to put out an album and he is putting one out soon! Good luck!

  5. I’m done watching the show. For real, no one on there compares to this girl. She’s in the pocket every time she sings and has great stage presence. She’d still be there if a better song was picked for the save. I also have no idea why she was in the bottom again. People are sleeping on her.

    She’s the Christina Grimmie of this season

  6. * Spoiler Alert* It hasn't aired here on the West Coast but from what I read from the comment section is she went home. Seriously feel like you were getting too much advice. You had a great run! Follow your own lane girl- get representation and acting lessons. You are very marketable.

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