Sau khi loại bỏ: Joana Martinez & Shane Q (Trình bày bởi Xfinity) – The Voice 2019


Joana Martinez và Shane Q nói về trải nghiệm tuyệt vời của họ trên The Voice và điều đó giống như khi làm việc với các huấn luyện viên siêu sao của họ. Xem cái gì…


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  1. I'm shocked they were eliminated. But I'm also shocked that Kat wasn't eliminated. While she has a unique & sweet voice that reminds me of Leigh Nash and Kacey Musgraves, she has also had pitch problems in every one of her performances.

  2. I want Katie, Kat, Marybeth and Rose to be in Top 4. Jake Hoot and Will are amazing too. Hello Sunday and Ricky are amazing tooo man this is hard. But I predict: Jake, Katie, Kat and Rose. Marybeth was in the bottom 3 so her chances to be in top 4 are very less. Will, Ricky and Hello Sunday most prob won’t be the Top 4.

  3. Kat Hammock's talent is for the few. Most prefer performing pyrotechnics, acrobatic jumping and jumping on stage, dancing choreography with uncontrolled screaming. It's "easy" to get attention. Kat simply sings in her sweet, velvet, angelic voice. It does not change your personality, your style. It does not force anything, it has nothing fake. Madi Davis, Madelyn Paige, Mikaela Astel, Jaclyn Lovey, Addison Agen, did any of these indie girls come out of their personalities, their styles? The only one who tried to do that (Holly Henry) was knocked out in the KOs after a disastrous performance of "Creep". Everything about Kat is pure, genuine, true. It's a unique voice for people with finer tastes, who don't get carried away by the visual explosion of performance with dance, choreography and pyrotechnics. Kat is different in her simplicity of being, just singing without forcing herself not to be. As I said: Kat's talent is for the taste of the few. She is a rare and precious gem.

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