Thượng nghị sĩ Bernie Sanders vượt qua Joe Biden trong cuộc thăm dò quốc gia mới


Cuộc độc thoại của Seth Meyers từ thứ Tư, ngày 22 tháng 1. Đăng ký vào Đêm muộn: Xem Đêm muộn với Seth Meyers …


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  1. Where are all the Bernie supporters saying the corporate media is trying to derail Bernie and is pushing so and so candidate over Bernie because they are corrupt and scared of Bernie.

    When the polls are bad or someone is ahead, Bernie supporters flood any video and discredit all findings that aren't 100% positive reporting about him. Now that he is leading a national poll. Silence on so called media shills and corporate backing of other dems.

  2. Donald IS his own lava lamp. A real live glow worm! When he leaves office, give him a tower overlooking a fed prison to act as a lighthouse. He gets Cheetos for his ++life sentence! He is to repay US by plucking feathers from chickens for KFC! Gotta do chicken right! The feathers will be reused as prison pillows etc. Each night, he must read a bedtime story over the loud speaker to the other inmates.

  3. History will remember who destroyed the Constitution. The very same people who never bothered to read their beloved article 2 ("well regulated militias" !== hillbillies compensating for something)

  4. The president who talks about protecting Thomas Edison, flushing toilets fifteen times, dishwasher, fridge, light bulbs which makes him looks Orange, nuking Hurricanes, windmills causes Cancer, should be in Mental Asylum not in White House.

  5. I can totally believe that Twitler really thinks the wheel had been invented in the US. Many US citizens believe that people of the US invented basically everything and some even think that people from outside of the US don´t know such basic everyday devices like cars, computers, microwave ovens, gaming consoles, etc..

  6. I am worried about America. How did this guy made into the white house? I am so happy his short attention span is not allowing him to retain anything from the Top Secret Intel briefs. If I talked like trump, my family and my friends would all vote to put me in a mental institution.

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