Emil Rengle SLAYS nhảy theo gót "Bad Guy" của Billie Eilish – America's Talent: The Champions


Emil Rengle là người đồng tính công khai đầu tiên xuất hiện trên chương trình Got Talent của Romania … và anh ấy THẮNG! Xem anh ấy biểu diễn thành "Bad Guy" của Billie Eilish trong khi …


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  1. I don't know about this, other Romania's Got Talent contestants have been on AGT and did a much nicer job, take Laura Bretan for example, she is too an RGT winner and she did so well in AGT as well. Emil is really a whole package and he is talented sure, but he's not outstanding. I think the reason he won RGT is not because he's extra talented, it's much rather a cause to which some people relate. I can see where the judges come from.

  2. Put a girl in heels to dance like that on the stage, Simon and Howe would probably drool to death. No man that doesn't dance in heels will understand how f….. Hard it is, how hard it is to find your balance, to land properly even after the smallest jump, to turn in heel, the amount of training and technicality that goes into heel dance is beyond imaginable, if you dance right in heels you look strong beautiful and confident, if you're not trained enough you look like a chicken. BUT THEY WILL NOT UNDERSTAND!

  3. Acest gunoi nu ne face cinste noua bărbaților……. Nu poți dansa ca o femeie frumoasă atât timp cât ai între picioare deranjul……. Nu a făcut decât sa ne facă de rușine pe noi cel puțin pe mine ca bărbat…..

  4. I actually don't care if he dance in high heel but seriously he WIN got talent? With this dance routine? I seen much better male dancer in high heel than him like Yanis Marshall… That what I called dance…

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