Allegra Miles so với Michael Williams – "Làm thế nào tôi biết" của Whitney Houston – Trận đấu bằng giọng nói 2020


Allegra Miles và Michael Williams chiến đấu với nó trên "Làm sao tôi biết" của Whitney Houston trong The Battles on The Voice. »Nhận giọng nói chính thức …


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  1. From episode 1 til now, I can tell you that Nick is genius! He write on his note, he build strategy and evaluate every single performance, make a great pairing. He take his job as coach so damn serious!

  2. When Nick said the purpose of a coach during Michael's audition really shows it in his performance now. That's potential molded for greatness plus let's appreciate Nick's faithfulness for this man!

  3. i prefer michael because allegras voice is like she has something on her mouth or something. here in the Philippines, there are lots and lots of alegras voice… just saying. its like ordinary here…

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