Thí sinh trở về Genavieve Linkowski chứng minh tiếng hát trong máu cô – American Idol 2020


Hai năm trước, Genavieve đã bị loại khỏi Tuần lễ Hollywood trong Vòng Solo. Phần trình diễn "In My Blood" của cô ấy của Shawn Mendes có Katy …


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  1. I think they should have the group leaving go to a dinner/goodbye meeting before the group staying comes out so they can't hear the screams of happiness. Hearing all their screams of happiness without regard to their sadness must be one horrible feeling.

  2. They should have had the entire song and less chit chat in this video. I hope she moves on, she is a talented singer. This wasn't my favorite song choice, it was like 3 notes. Pick one that shows off your abilities.

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