Cam Spinks và Todd Tilghman có một Knockout Country – The Voice Knockout 2020


Cam Spinks biểu diễn "Rumor" của Lee Brice chống lại Todd Tilghman hát bài hát "Anymore" của Travis Tritt trong The Knockouts on The Voice. " Được…


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  1. Can should’ve picked don’t like you by lee Brice instead of rumour. I felt like his voice wasn’t all the way there, he stuttered on the chorus and had a pitch problem. Todd did that ish right, being able to preach through a song is even better than just having emotion because now ur giving emotion

  2. Notice how each of these coaches will first address the contestant whose performance they liked a little lesser and then comment on the one they liked more .. and the winner is typically the one who is commented on second

  3. The judges thought Todd took them to church but what good is a church without the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ? He is a good singer but not a good shepherd because he will have to leave his flock if he wins this competition. Music contracts will control his life and the praises of the world will drown out the praise of heaven.

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