Joanna Serenko và Zan Fiskum có một Knockout cực kỳ khó khăn – The Knockout 2020


Joanna Serenko biểu diễn "Thiên thần từ Montomery" của Bonnie Raitt chống lại Zan Fiskum hát bài hát "Câu chuyện" của Brandi Carlile trong The Knockouts …


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  1. Joanna has a wonderful voice, but when I hear Angel from Montgomery (typo @TheVoice!) I want to be transported to Montgomery – destitute, heartbroken, not wanting to move forward with life. Joanna took me to NYC.

  2. I'm sorry. But no one comes close for me when comparing "The Story" to the way Janice Freeman sang it. If you gonna go there, you better bring it. 😅
    Not even close. Joanna was the winner for me. 🙂

  3. Notice how each of these coaches will first address the contestant whose performance they liked a little lesser and then comment on the one they liked more .. and the winner is typically the one who is commented on second

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